Colorado beta versie beschikbaar

dinsdag 08 april 2008 (20:45) in Nieuws, outdoor | no responses

 Het is nog een beta. Ik heb deze versie nog niet getest.

Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.51:

  • Added ability to reposition waypoint to current location
  • Added support for language-specific keyboards
  • Added support for editing location in all position formats
  • Added Spanner support
  • Improved drawing of BlueChart tidal areas
  • Improved performance when exiting mass storage mode
  • Improved paperless goecaching (various)
  • Improved Wherigo player (various)
  • Corrected potential shutdown when selecting maps with a large variety of maps loaded
  • Corrected potential shutdown when profiling a long route
  • Corrected avoiding highways
  • Corrected display of found geocaches
  • Corrected issue preventing name of lakes and rivers from showing when highlighted
  • Corrected display of bridge heights

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