Garmin CN NT 2010.20 is uit (amerika)

donderdag 30 juli 2009 (22:08) in Nieuws | one response

Garmin CN NT 2010.20 Maps is sinds deze middag te downloaden.

U moet hiervoor inloggen op .

Om  controleren of er updates beschikbaar zijn voor uw gps kunt kijken op de speciale garmin pagina.

Garmin heeft ook een volledige versie uitgebracht van de oregon firmware. Deze kunt u installeren dmv de webupdater.

De volgende verbeteringen zijn doorgevoerd:

Changes made from version 2.80 to 3.10:

  • Added Waypoint Averaging application (For more information visit our new Trail Tech website at
  • Added Sight ‘N Go application for the Oregon 300/400i/400c/400t
  • Added Man Overboard application
  • Added big numbers option to the trip computer
  • Added customizable text to unit power-on screen (see \Garmin\startup.txt)
  • Added ability to load maps from any img file in the Garmin directory
  • Added new trip computer dashboards
  • Added option to display four configurable data fields on the map
  • Added ‘search near’ option to Geocaches search
  • Added the ability to view geocache logs separate from the description
  • Added ability to see a list of points from the map when several points are at the same location
  • Added ability to edit a waypoint from the waypoint review
  • Added support for Custom POI database and category selection
  • Added distance and bearing to point when reviewing a Custom POI
  • Added POI subcategories
  • Added change location to Sun and Moon
  • Added change location to Hunt and Fish
  • Added ability to force the Oregon into mass storage mode by holding the power button for 30 seconds while plugged into a USB cable
  • Added NMEA 9600 baud
  • Improved render quality of GB Discoverer maps and maps with satellite imagery
  • Improved map zooming
  • Improved map draw speed
  • Improved map panning and zooming when shaded relief is turned on
  • Improved automatic route recalculation
  • Improved Custom POI spell search
  • Improved Main Menu setup and added option to add and remove items
  • Improved readability of configurable data fields
  • Improved display of numeric degrees and mils
  • Improved GPS performance at slow speeds in tree cover
  • Improved compass responsiveness in challenging GPS environments
  • Improved battery gage for NiMH batteries
  • Improved stability when changing profiles
  • Improved Wherigo stability
  • Improved connection reliability with Spanner
  • Improved Spanish keyboard
  • Fixed airport points not displaying on the map
  • Fixed lockup when a search returns no results
  • Fixed elevation errors when reviewing a point other than a waypoint
  • Increased the number of waypoints viewable from the Waypoint Manager and Where To?>Waypoints

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