Garmin basecamp 3.0.3 NIET downloaden (opgelost)

donderdag 20 mei 2010 (9:28) in carthografie, GPS, Nieuws, outdoor | 2 responses

[EDIT] : Sinds 21 mei is er versie 3.0.4 als download op

Enkele dagen geleden maakte ik melding van de nieuwe versie van mapsource en basecamp.

Nu blijkt dat er een grote fout zit in de database van garmin.
Garmin schrijft daar het volgende over:

We are investigating a potentially serious error that could result in the database being corrupted.

If you have already upgraded to BaseCamp 3.0.3 there are a few steps you can do to minimize the risk to your data:

  • Do not switch back to an prior version. The database optimizations that were made for 3.0.3 cannot be read in any earlier version.
  • Backup your %appdata%\garmin\basecamp folders before starting the application.
  • Do not attempt to re-download any existing BirdsEye data. New downloads should be OK. The root cause of the issue seems to be with re-downloading BirdsEye imagery that was only partially downloaded in 3.0.2.

This post will be updated as more information is available. Bericht op:

Als er meer bekend zal ik dat op de site vermelden.

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