Garmin basecamp beta

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Garmin heeft een beta versie van basecamp beschikbaar. Je kan deze versie gebruiken naast de normale versie.

Download de beta via het garmin forum.

Garmin verzameld wel informatie uit de beta versie om het programma te verbeteren, meer informatie kan je lezen op (engels)

In de beta zijn heel veel nieuwe functies toegevoegd. Hieronder een korte opsomming, verderop staat de volledige lijst.

  • profielen voor diverse routerings instellingen.
  • upload mogelijkheid voor foto’s , momenteel alleen picassa.
  • dupliceer functie
  • hartslag en cadans ondersteuning.
  • fitness bestanden ondersteuning.
  • optie om programma info door te sturen (optioneel in volledige versie)
  • Hellingshoek word weergegeven bij selectie in track.
beta basecamp

hellingshoek, hartslag info

basecamp beta

meer info in overzicht

Wanneer de beta volledig uitkomt is nog niet bekend.

Een totaal overzicht van alle veranderingen staat hieronder.


  1. Moved the various property tabs to a separate dialog
  2. Added swapping the map and data list UI regions
  3. Added activity profiles to allow easier changes between common routing configurations
  4. Added geocache search integration with
  5. Added photo sharing site upload (currently for Picasa)
  6. Added track statistics that correspond to the selection in the track points list
  7. Added additional statistics to the elevation profile
  8. Added display of elevation profile when batch editing routes or tracks
  9. Added heart rate and cadence to the track points list and elevation profile
  10. Added route to track conversion
  11. Added display mode for geocaches
  12. Added the “Duplicate” menu item for most user data types
  13. Added continuation of route/track drawing when switching between tools
  14. Added route avoidance checkboxes to the route options (such as “Avoid U-turns”)
  15. Added a basic dialog for creating routes
  16. Added draw order control for new BirdsEye Imagery that is downloaded
  17. Added user selection of application language (the beta is English only, so this doesn’t have much of an impact yet)
  18. Added option to restore the application to default settings
  19. Added tips dialog when entering full screen mode
  20. Added a keyboard shortcut to snap the map back to North up
  21. Added file import/export support for the TCX file format.
  22. Added file export support for tab-delimited and comma-delimited text
  23. Added properties and create waypoint commands to the list of POIs that is displayed when hovering on the map
  24. Added optional collection of analytics to help us improve the application
  25. Added display of the detailed coverage region of card/device based maps
  26. Added notification to user when updates are available for devices
  27. Added receiving FIT course points and activity data from many fitness devices. These are converted into waypoints and tracks.
  28. Changed geotagging photos from a track to add links to those photos in the track
  29. Changed to not allow changing the location of geocaches when they are part of a route
  30. Changed the divide tool to create a new waypoint or trackpoint at the division point
  31. Fixed issue where we didn’t always remove all waypoints created as part of a route

Download the beta here!

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