Garmin fenix software versie 2.9

vrijdag 02 november 2012 (6:20) in firmware update, Nieuws | no responses

Sinds Gisteren is er software versie 2.9 uit voor de Garmin Fenix. ( )
Gebruik de webupdater om deze te installeren.

Zo wordt nu ook de footpod ondersteund, het toestel kan nu dus ook voor binnenlopen gebruikt worden.

fenix footpod

fenix footpod

Changes made from version 2.80 to 2.90:

  • Added indoor training support
  • Added Foot Pod support
  • Added FIT History to main menu ( moved from Tracks )
  • Added additional details in FIT History
  • Added Save as Track option to FIT History
  • Added Delete option to FIT History
  • Added ability to Pan the map when reviewing Tracks, Routes and Waypoints
  • Added precision to heart rate zone data field
  • Added feet/hr vertical speed units
  • Improved vertical speed
  • Improved ANT sensor connection reliability
  • Improved calorie calculation
  • Improved performance of elevation data in fixed altimeter mode when GPS is not running
  • Improved performance of elevation data in sensors always on and sensors on demand modes
  • Improved waypoint list length
  • Fixed potential issue with alternate time zone DST calculations
  • Fixed potential issue with the active track showing incorrectly on the map
  • Fixed potential issue with Auto Light
  • Fixed potential issue with spell search for waypoints
  • Fixed potential issue with missing data when saving large FIT activities
  • Fixed issues with entering negative elevation values

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