Montana software version 4.80

dinsdag 09 april 2013 (18:32) in firmware update | no responses

firmware update

firmware update

Er is een nieuwe software versie beschikbaar voor de montana, versie 4.80.

Gebruik de webupdater om de software te installeren.

De volgende veranderingen zijn doorgevoerd:



Changes made from version 4.70 to 4.80:

  • Improved EXIF compass heading data in camera photos (650 and 650t models).
  • Fixed issue with changing profiles when the altimeter dashboard is active on the main menu.
  • Fixed issue with certain characters on the Czech or Polish keyboards in landscape orientation.
  • Fixed issue with shortcuts that enable or disable maps remaining highlighted after being selected.
  • Fixed issue with displaying tracks on the map after performing an area calculation.
  • Fixed issue with saving a track’s ‘show on map’ status across a power cycle.
  • Fixed potential issue with renaming tracks or routes.
  • Fixed potential issue with viewing geocache descriptions in night mode.


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