Oregon 6×0 software version 2.70

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firmware update

firmware update

Sinds 29 mei 2013 is er nieuwe firmware beschikbaar voor de Garmin oregon 600 en 650.

Gebruik de webupdater oom de software te installeren.

Changes made from version 2.60 to 2.70:

  • Added support for new ActiveRouting cartography
  • Improved support for Garmin LakeVü HD cartography
  • Improved photo quality (650/650t models)
  • Fixed potential shutdown when viewing Calendar application
  • Fixed issue with waypoint distances in Waypoint Averaging application
  • Fixed issue with waypoint deletion when results are filtered
  • Fixed issue with reimporting new GPX/GGZ files
  • Fixed issue with unknown geocache containers being marked as Large
  • Fixed issue with scroll arrows on current track info page
  • Fixed intermittent issue with vehicle appearing off center in 3D View application
  • Fixed uppercase Czech keyboard in landscape orientation

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