Oregon 6×0 software version 3.60

woensdag 18 december 2013 (19:40) in firmware update | one response

firmware update

firmware update

Er is nieuwe firmware beschikbaar voor de Garmin oregon 6×0

software version 3.60

Gebruik Garmin Express om het toestel bij te werken.

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Changes made from version 3.50 to 3.60:

  • Fixed calories not being displayed when using a heart rate monitor.
  • Fixed erroneous temperature values below 0 degrees C when using a tempe wireless temperature sensor.
  • Fixed proximity warning alert text being unreadable in some situations.
  • Fixed possible shutdown when using the Favorites dashboard.

One Response to “Oregon 6×0 software version 3.60 ”

  1. M7880

    The problem remains, that arrival-time is maximum + 1 Minute to actual time on direct-rouitng (Luchtleiding routing?)
    This does not appear on Oregon 650t but on Oregon 650.
    As i saw, it works on the 650t, i copied the profile to the 650, but it does not help.