VIRB Edit software version 2.2.0

donderdag 14 november 2013 (19:30) in firmware update, Nieuws | 4 responses

virb edit 2.20 overlay

virb edit 2.20 overlay

Garmin heeft een nieuwe versie van Virb edit beschikbaar. Versie 2.20.

Download de laatste verse op ( windows / Mac )

Changes made from version 2.1.1 to 2.2.0:

  • Added overlay gauge templates. (diverse overlays beschikbaar)
  • Added capability to select which clips to import from a camera.
  • Added separate preference for altitude units.
  • Added option for nautical units.


Je kan ook de kleur aanpassen van de overlays.

Ook kan je kiezen welke video bestanden je wilt importeren vanaf de virb.

Onderstaande video is gemaakt met een Virb Elite. (vandaag de G kracht indicatie)

4 Responses to “VIRB Edit software version 2.2.0 ”

  1. M7880

    In first try, there came an error while try to export the video.
    Now, after changing the overlays it seems to work.

    Overlays are some nice. The stupid Virb-Logo is removed.

    But there are some Bugs and senseless things:
    – Timeshift between video and GPX must be set seprarately for every video.
    – In the Airplane-Overlay one shows the height as bar on the right. This bar goes up to over 8000 m. and it goes also down to – 8000 m. Small private planes oder para-gliding is much lower (but still not -8000m in the sea). But there are designs, where maximum of bar-graph is what the maximum is in the recording.
    – Bicycle overlays contain heart-rate and pulse, even if they are not recorded (then displays empty placeholders)
    – some overlay-texts are to small and/or transparent on black
    – customizing the overlays is not possible.

  2. guido

    I have asked garmin on the forum if it would be possible to use 2 different overlays in one movie, but this not possible.

  3. M7880

    My test-export finished.
    The software is useless. Video-qualtiy is mush too bad to really use ist.