Garmin BaseCamp versie 4.3.1

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garmin basecamp

garmin basecamp

Garmin Basecamp is vernieuwd. Versie 4.3.1 is beschikbaar.

(Windows / Mac )

Er zijn veel nieuwe functies bij gekomen.  Binnenkort zal ik er een paar uitlichten.

Changes made from version 4.2.5 to 4.3.1:

  • Added waypoint categories to the waypoint and bulk waypoint property dialogs
  • Added the Task Based Startup Menu allowing users to choose what they want to do giving more help into what BaseCamp can do
  • Added an Address search UI that operates more like MapSource
  • Added Find Intersection to the Find menu
  • Added richer context menus in most tools on the map
  • Added feature to calculate a route that tries to match the shape of a track
  • Added feature to optimize routes within trip planner
  • Added a way to make it easier to find recently downloaded BirdsEye imagery
  • Added a way to filter Adventures by activity when using Find
  • Added indication of Adventure selected on the map
  • Added display of route stats while editing the route on the map
  • Added display of track stats while editing the track on the map
  • Added a device information dialog
  • Added support for curvy road route calculation
  • Added ‘snap to’ indicator on the map when drawing new points in a route
  • Added ability to exclude track portions in the track join dialog
  • Added an ‘Off Road’ profile and clarified the difference between Off Road and ATV
  • Added a prompt to preserve the original tracks when joining tracks
  • Added a hotkey to open and close the overview map
  • Added elevation statistics to the route dialog
  • Added statistics display to the bulk route properties dialog
  • Added ability to remove shaping points from routes in the data list
  • Added display of rubber band when moving a waypoint on the map
  • Added display of state and country city search results
  • Added ability to create lists in the ‘Send To’ dialog
  • Added an ‘uncheck all’ option when managing Custom POIs
  • Added support for Lat/Lon coordiantes that are missing cardinal direction indicators
  • Added a comment column for tracks in the data list
  • Added more descriptive messages if export errors are encountered
  • Added FIT file support to the Import dialog
  • Improved performance when device maps are discovered for the first time
  • Improved address search on device or card maps
  • Improved balloons on the map
  • Improved drawing performance of large tracks and routes
  • Improved performance of filtering a track
  • Improved waypoint search performance
  • Improved discoverability of Adventure Edit, Publish, and View Online actions
  • Improved display of individual track portions in the track join dialog
  • Improved device communications performance when transferring photos
  • Improved notification that a subscription is needed for a selected BirdsEye product
  • Improved recovery from corrupted cache information from device maps
  • Simplified default toolbar layout to exclude some editing tools
  • Changed the map product selection combobox to be hidden in the default layout
  • Fixed issue with encrypted Custom POI search (for RV and dezl devices)
  • Fixed issues with routes that have multiple transportation modes
  • Fixed device calculated ascent and descent values not being displayed
  • Fixed Trip Planner crash when adding food stops to trips
  • Fixed Basestation not updating most recent update time for contacts
  • Fixed issue with reading photo waypoints that had missing photos
  • Fixed map points remaining on the map after turning off all points
  • Fixed Adventure playback not taking track speed into consideration
  • Fixed a possible error when creating backup files
  • Fixed issue with inverted routes maintaining previous departure times
  • Fixed various language translations
  • Removed printing restriction for card and device based map products.

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  1. guido

    Krijg je een foutmelding met MSVCR90.dll dan kan je basecamp de installeren en opnieuw de nieuwe versie installeren.