Garmin VIRB Edit version 2.5.0

woensdag 04 juni 2014 (20:59) in firmware update, Nieuws, outdoor | no responses

virb edit tekst overlay

virb edit tekst overlay

Garmin Virb edit is vernieuwd.

Windows versie 2.5.0 

Mac versie (volgt spoedig)

De volgende punten zijn aangepast verbeterd.

  • Added support for text titles. ( zie video hieronder)
  • Added DirectX accelerated video exporting to improve overall performance.
  • Added ability to resize the bottom workspace area.
  • Added support for bulk deletion of unused clips (‘Delete Unused’ in the context menu for Clip Library folders).
  • Added support for rotating video and g-force readings 180 degrees.
  • Added per-day clip organization.
  • Adjusting track alignment is now more granular.
  • Fixed an issue where some information from FIT files was lost when adding a FIT file as a GPS log.
  • Fixed forward and back button on Distance/Elapsed time alignment
  • Fixed various issues with track data not being synchronized with videos.
  • Fixed fast HD videos with overlays.

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