Monterra Outdoor software version 1.19

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Monterra firmware

Monterra firmware

Er is nieuwe firmware beschikbaar voor de Garmin Monterra

software versie 1.19

Gebruik Garmin Express om het toestel bij te werken.

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Changes made from version 1.18 to 1.19:

  • Added setting to pause music while navigation voice plays
  • Added settings widget to adjust screen brightness and orientation lock
  • Improved Birdseye image quality
  • Fixed not calculating distance or ETE for direct routing
  • Fixed intersection search for certain maps
  • Fixed some waypoints not appearing on MPC maps
  • Fixed inconsistencies with large datafield dashboard
  • Fixed translation issues
  • Fixed some text getting cut off on huge font size
  • Fixed not being able to reprogram chirp
  • Fixed preloaded waypoints becoming unreadable in Basecamp after opening
  • Fixed GB Discoverer layering issue
  • Fixed HTML not parsing in geocache logs
  • Fixed certain paths not changing color based on routing activity
  • Fixed map legend not updating with auto-zoom
  • Fixed some aviation data fields not displaying correctly
  • Fixed geocache details not displaying full geocache name
  • Fixed possible issue when viewing a route with many vias


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