Topo France unlock

For the new topo france the unlock goes on

For the old version, here is discription to unlock it.

Put the CD in the DVD drive and install “FULL” , now it will run without CD.

topo1 Run mapsource, if the maps is locked, go to online unlock.
klik voor vergroting It wil go to
, then follow the instructions.
klik voor vergroting fill in:

  • Name and surname
  • username
  • Email

click on: Valider


klik voor vergroting If all data is correct a green row will apear, also you will recieve a email.
klik voor vergroting You will receive a email with username and temp password:

Récapitulatif de vos identifiants de connexion :
Identifiant : test
Mot de passe : y9m14mb8

Go to the website , and log in on the right side.

klik voor vergroting You are logged in , click on “deverrouillage”
klik voor vergroting

fill in following:

  • type of gps
  • Unit ID(NOT the code near the battery )

    Where is my unit id?

  • CD code, It is in the package.
klik voor vergroting You can find the code also under “Vos Codes” .

Good luck with your topo France.

Bon Voyage